Engagement & Wedding Rings on Long Island

Present The One with the perfect engagement or wedding ring.  

For nearly 40 years, Squires Jewelers on Long Island has curated a selection of the most extraordinarily beautiful gemstones to serve as the focal point of incredible engagement and wedding rings. 

A ring from Squires Jewelers will capture the unique essence of your love story and will artfully symbolize your mutual devotion.

When you ask the most important person in your life the most important question, time ceases to pass. The moment is everlasting, as you know your life will forever change. When you look in their eyes trying to summon the courage to make the moment perfect, you remember all of your preparations up until this point. Your shirt is freshly pressed. Your hair perfectly trimmed. Your wearing your favorite cologne, intoxicating your soulmate, as they effortlessly draw nearer to you. You take their hand and descend to one knee asking the quintessential question. In that moment, you are reborn, as the connection you have with your significant other is as unique as the love that you both share.

The engagement ring allows you to say everything without uttering a single syllable. A custom piece will ensure the message you are sending is that of love, commitment, and happiness. Additionally, if you do not desire a custom piece, we have plenty of other beautiful rings and wedding bands to choose from.